Is an Apprenticeship Right For You?

There are many benefits to participation in the Harper Registered Apprenticeship Program. Students in an apprenticeship program have access to classroom and lab experiences with qualified Harper faculty plus on-the-job training with a dedicated mentor in the company where they work.  This on the job training program enables students to Earn a salary while they Learn a career. Following are some benefits of an Apprenticeship program:

  • Gain practical skills and relevant training
  • Earn national credentials and Harper College certificate or degree
  • Zero debt on graduation
  • Guaranteed employment
  • Industry-aligned education
  • Higher wages and career advancement

Who can apply?

Anyone looking to upgrade their skills or change careers is a good candidate for apprenticeship.

  • High School students who may need to gain experience
  • Career changers who need training and education in a new industry
  • Incumbent workers, those wanting to advance in current job

This earn while you learn model is designed to train employees for a life-long career in their occupational field.

Please note: all of our employers are local, and our classes are in-person at Harper College. You must provide your own transportation to and from work and Harper College to participate in the program.

Apprenticeship Center Eligibility, Enrollment Criteria and Recruitment / Outreach Policy
Apprenticeship Center Veterans Priority of Service Policy and Procedure

Is Apprenticeship Right For You

Guaranteed Employment

Employers have approached Harper to create their training programs. Their expectation is that students will develop the necessary foundation skill set and bring their expertise to work at the company. Harper and these companies worked to align the college curriculum to their employment needs.  Students are hired and earn a salary as an apprentice with the company and attend Harper College with the potential for continued employment well beyond program completion.


No Debt

Employers cover the training costs of the Apprenticeship program. This includes tuition, fees & books, as well as paying a salary; even while taking classes at Harper College. The student graduates with no debt, providing the opportunity to start their career without the burden of heavy student loans.


Course Schedule

The apprenticeship program is created in blocks of time specific for each program to enhance optimal learning. Part of the time each semester is dedicated to coursework at Harper and the remaining time is for on-the-job training with a company mentor. Scheduling is done in such a way as to avoid any potential conflicts between time in the classroom and time on-the-job.


Career Advancement

The on-the-job training programs are designed for high-demand positions and guarantee the apprentice a job while in the program. Employers strive to retain loyal employees willing to build a career with them.