Why a four-year college degree isn’t the only path to a secure lifestyle

If you aren’t sure college is for you, consider this: You don’t have to get a four-year degree to make a good living. Contrary to the common belief that everyone must go to college, a new study from Georgetown University comes up with a surprising finding: There are still 30 million good jobs that don’t […]

Inclusion and Innovation: Expanding the American Apprenticeship Model

The Department of Labor’s Blog has a guest post by Greg Case, President and CEO of Aon: Aon has partnered with community colleges to link associate degrees to on-the-job experience. Launched in January 2017, the Aon Apprenticeship Program gives talented students from Chicago’s City Colleges the opportunity to gain experience in fields such as cyber […]

The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students

You might think the typical college student lives in a state of bliss, spending each day moving among classes, parties and extracurricular activities. But the reality is that an increasingly small population of undergraduates enjoys that kind of life. Of the country’s nearly 18 million undergraduates, more than 40 percent go to community college, and […]

GF Machining Launches HS Apprenticeship Program

A Daily Herald article discusses how GF Machining is working with the Apprenticeship Program at Harper College to hire the next generation of industrial maintenance mechanics. LINCOLNSHIRE — GF Machining Solutions has launched a “learn and earn” apprenticeship program with the signing of its first candidate during the company’s Solutions Days manufacturing event. The program, […]

U.S. Labor Secretary Wants More Apprenticeships

An article in US News & World Report says that Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is telling his counterparts overseas that President Donald Trump’s administration wants more apprenticeships to fill gaps in the American workforce. WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta on Friday made public-private apprenticeships his debut issue as President Donald Trump’s point man […]

Apprenticeships: “College without the debt”

An article in USA Today about Apprenticeship programs in Philadelphia that mentions Harper’s Apprenticeship Program: Dane Lyons, 37, who was logging 55-hour weeks as a car salesman, signed up for the program to spend more time with his two young boys and secure a more consistent income stream. He earns $30,000 as an apprentice and […]

Apprenticeship Programs Increasingly Put Workers On Track for Jobs in Finance

An article in the Chicago Tribune features apprenticeships at Chicago area financial businesses including Harper Apprenticeship employer AON. Juggling community college with jobs at McDonald’s and a Holiday Inn, Gutierrez had little time for his studies. He worked nearly every day, leaving home at 4 a.m. and returning at midnight, always exhausted and rarely seeing […]

Trump’s Other Apprentices: Importing a Euro Model to Educate American Workers

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board talks apprenticeships and importing the European model: It’s clear apprenticeships pay off. Among developed countries, Switzerland in 2016 had the lowest youth unemployment rate, along with the world’s fourth highest per capita income. Youth unemployment in Germany is just 7.4 percent, half of what it is in the U.S. Here, […]