IT Generalist


IT Generalist is a high growth field requiring cutting-edge IT skills. An IT Generalist performs various information systems administrative procedures and maintains documentation for those procedures. Employment for IT Generalist experts is expected to increase 10% in the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

IT Generalist occupations are used in nearly every industry. Companies look to employ IT Generalists who possess the necessary skills to succeed and help the business grow and be successful. IT Generalist positions are diverse, from insurance, automobiles, machines, to those in an online industry. Harper’s IT Generalist Apprenticeship provides students with the necessary skill set to succeed in the field of IT in any industry.

The IT Generalist Apprenticeship is a 2-year program. Students attend school in 12-week blocks each semester including the summer. They are in class on Tuesday/Thursday and work at the employer on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Students are assigned a dedicated mentor on the job.

Participants who complete the IT Generalist Apprenticeship earn an AAS Degree in Information Technology. In addition, the apprentices earn a certification from the Department of Labor indicating they are fully qualified for their occupation.

Job Functions:

An IT Generalist is responsible for data control, applications training, data coordination and scheduling, data security administration, IT help desk and more.

Salary Outlook:  64,531 – 76,571 (Not a guarantee of salary, just an estimated outlook in this industry)

The apprentice might begin their career as an IT Generalist before progressing to:

IT Architect

IT Product/Project Manager

IT Software/Network Engineer

IT Administrator

IT System Engineer



Applications are being accepted for classes starting in August 2020

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Step 3 – Take the placement test by visiting your Student Portal and click Testing.

Step 4 – Interview with companies interested in hiring an apprentice.