Available Apprenticeships

Harper College currently offers 10 Apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeship Core Components

  • Employer Driven

    An apprenticeship is essentially a job. The apprentice must be hired by a company. Investing in an apprentice shows companies want the employee to build a career there.

  • On the Job Learning

    The company chooses a mentor to train the apprentice in On the Job Learning. This person should be a seasoned expert with company knowledge to share.

  • Related Instruction

    Harper College provides the educational component of the apprenticeship program. All of our apprenticeships are AAS degrees that can be transferred to a 4-year institution later.

  • Annual Wage Increases

    Apprentices should receive a wage increase at least annually to recognize the increase in skills, experience, and credentials gained. The wage schedule is between the apprentice and company.

  • National Credentials

    The apprenticeship program results in a nationally recognized credential from the Department of Labor certifying that the apprentice is fully qualified for their occupation.