Harper Apprenticeship Programs

Harper’s New Registered Apprenticeship programs are unique, flexible instruction programs combining job related credit courses with structured on-the-job learning experiences. An apprenticeship is first and foremost a job and comes with substantial training and the development of transferable skills, which is beneficial to the employer and the employee. The goal for our apprenticeship programs is to provide workers with advanced skill sets that meet the specific needs of employers.

Employers are encouraged to begin recruiting apprentices for Fall 2020 now.

Apprentice candidates are encouraged to begin preparing for interviews for Fall 2020.

What is an Apprenticeship Program?

Registered Apprenticeships have been utilized to meet the needs of America’s skilled workforce for over 80 years. These apprenticeship training programs are available in 1500 occupations across 170 industries found in businesses of all sizes and last from 1 – 5 years. Apprenticeship programs are for ambitious people of all ages who want to earn a salary while they learn, gaining real skills and knowledge. These programs offer employers the opportunity to strengthen and build their workforce providing a tailored high-quality talent pipeline. In this regard, Registered Apprenticeship programs effectively meet the needs of both employers and job-seekers.

Students: Earn While You Learn

Whether you are looking for a job, already employed, a veteran, seeking a career change, or want to gain further qualifications, our apprenticeship programs could be for you. Earn a salary while learning the skills for a career and graduate from Harper with no debt. Click here to learn more about Harper’s Apprenticeship programs.

Employers: Fill the Skills Gap

Employers will partner with Harper College to create training and educational programs specific to existing needs within the company. Students will work while they are learning, which will boost company productivity. With a continually replenishing pool of loyal, talented employees, companies will no longer feel the empty hole of the skills gap. Click here to learn more about how we can help you with your business.

Apprentice Employers

Harper College

Harper College Office of Apprenticeship

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